First, go to and log in using the UserId and Password provided by Lawyers Insurance.

 Once logged in, you will be at the Payments Overview page. 

  • From the navigation at the left, select Invoice History.  
  • Under Invoice History on the right, select View Details for the desired invoice.  

  • This will bring up an Excel spreadsheet with 3 tabs at the bottom of the sheet.  
  • Select the middle tab which is labelled with your firm name and you will see your employee detail for the selected invoice.  By default, this detail is sorted by coverage.
  • If you would like to sort the spreadsheet by employee:
    • If present, select Enable Editing in the yellow bar at the top of the page first.
    • Put the cursor over Subscriber Name, which is at the top of Column B.  
    • Right click and a menu will appear that includes the option to Sort.  
    • Click on Sort and the sheet will be sorted by Employee and the coverage for each employee will be grouped together.