First, go to and log in using the UserId and Password provided by Lawyers Insurance.

 Once logged in, you will be at the Payments Overview page. 

  • From the navigation at the left, select Invoice History.  

  • Under Invoice History on the right, you will see a "Preview Invoice" and a "Final Invoice" for each month.  The Final Invoice contains the final charges and payments for the selected month.

  • For each month needed, select View Summary for the Final Invoice.  This provides a standard invoice summary in PDF format showing total amount due and payments/credits received.

  • For employee level detail, for each month needed, select View Details for the Final Invoice.  This will bring up an Excel spreadsheet with 3 tabs at the bottom of the sheet.  

  • Open the Excel File that is downloaded:
    • The first tab "Summary" is a summary of the firm's plans and total amount due.
    • The second tab is labelled with the firm name and contains all employee level coverage detail for the selected invoice.
    • The third tab is labelled "Payments" and contains payment applied to the account since the previous month's Final Invoice was generated.

A Payment History is also able to be viewed from the Payments Overview Page:

  • We suggest taking a screenshot of these payments for additional easy reference to the payments that are stored in the 3rd tab of the individual Final Invoice Detail spreadsheets.