Lawyers Insurance offers disability insurance designed for the legal profession. We provide Own Occupation with Specialty Definitions to age 67 with guaranteed Level Premiums and guaranteed renewable policies.  Owners and Partners with at least 25% ownership may qualify for an additional discount

Special highlights include:

  • Recovery Benefit – benefits payable upon recovery to your occupation, but still experiencing 20% or greater loss of earnings
  • $50K Life insurance for each employee at no cost
  • Three-fold definition of disability:   
    • 1. Unable to perform material duties; 
    • 2. Unable to earn more than 80% of Pre DI Earnings OR; 
    • 3. Unable to perform material duties regardless of earnings from any other occupation

There is no medical underwriting, and NCBA members recieve a special discount.

For more details, call Ken Hudson at 1-800-662-8843 ext 126, or email him at