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Practice Cyber Safety or Lose Clients

You might not think cyber security is such a big deal. Your clients might disagree. And some aren’t just sitting back and hoping their attorneys… Read More

Cyber-Policies Soar on Insurance Market

Not so long ago cyber-liability was something you would read about only in science fiction. Now it’s the hottest topic of conversation in the ins… Read More

Preventive Care Even I Can Understand

As a professional in the healthcare insurance industry, I have access to terms and conditions of care that most people don’t know. Recently, I hav… Read More

When is a Rollover not a Rollover?

There has been more than a little confusion about the impact of a 2014 Tax Court decision regarding IRA rollovers.  The court held in Bobrow v… Read More

Do Wellness Programs Work?

A member recently joined the NCBA health plan who had a severe history of morbid obesity, diabetes and a number of other related medical problems. … Read More

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