Court Bonds

Lawyers Insurance offers a full range of probate and other court bonds through The Bar Plan, underwritten by experienced, knowledgeable underwriters. Excellent service, quick turnaround (typically 24-48 hours) and competitive rates.

For questions, call the Bond Department at 1-877-553-6376, or email:

Use the applications linked below to get started.

Probate Bonds

A bond guaranteeing faithful performance of duty in accordance with the law applicable to the position.

Fiduciary-Application (1)

Civil Court Bonds

Bonds required of participants in a lawsuit permitting them to pursue certain remedies in the courts, such as appeal, injunction and replevin.


Court Bond (not Probate) Application

Public Official Bonds

Bonds required of public officials guaranteeing performance.


Public Official Bond Application

Notary Bonds

Guarantees compliance with the law and possible damages for improper acts.

Notary Indemnity Agreement